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A, GC PRO series brand story:
Guides Choice Professional, referred to as the "GC PRO" the English translation of "Pro choice"; its birth stemmed from two senior fly practitioners acquaintance, intersection, know the story.
In 2011 October, the fourth session of Weihai International Fishing exposition in Weihai International Convention and Exhibition Center held a victory, British well-known fly anglers, international APGAI organization certified trainers, two British instructor Frank Mr. Williams and the well-known domestic halleluyah pole designer Mr. Liu Jinbo also received the "China International Fishing Supplies Exhibition" founder and CEO Mr. Li Jiang's invitation, to become CGC 2011 Weihai international fishing tackle fishing exposition scene lecture speaker.
Frank Williams topic is: the origin of fly fishing rod, beginners skill and occupation of fly fishing development in Europe and the United States and China fly fishing enlightenment and development. Liu Jinbo lectures on the theme of fishing tackle the origin, development and brand establishment in the countries of the world's fishing tackle industry, classification and design principles, fishing tackle industry future development China. After two people become good friends and share with each other on the fly fishing and understanding, design technology, materials and tonal relationships, fishing techniques and other deep-seated problems. Also during the show, Frank Williams accepted the Liu Jinbo general manager for the kind invitation to formally join the Coney team, become CRONY brand of fly fishing rod and fishing hand signed designer.
By the British professional fly fishing hand rod and domestic professional designers meet, acquaintance, become friends, know each other to achieve cooperation; the pro choice "GC PRO" was born.
Two, the design concept and orientation of the GC series of PRO brand.
GC PRO the choice of occupation, it is designed for the England professional fly lovers to create high quality fly rod, product positioning for high-end products.
Three, the intellectual property of despotism.
GC PRO for the Coney Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd. note trademark, has obtained the trademark certificate issued by the State Administration for Industry and commerce, international registration is bid.
Four, GC series of PRO products.
GC the PRO series material adopts imported high modulus carbon fiber, with refined professional mold and. Fly tonality is with special line number reflected, such as #1, #2, #3... #12. different numbers of different weights, how can the corresponding line throwing get ideal state and distance, so the tonal accuracy is very important.
This kind of fishing for more than 100 years of history in Europe, the home is just in its infancy; the design team has Konecranes 10 years for foreign OEM experience, GC PRO domestic fly fishing brand pioneer.
This series after fishing hand of a professional testing for a long time, fishing in different seasons were tested for some parts and materials have been replaced, so as to achieve high quality.
The series of products are sold to Europe, America and other dozens of countries.

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