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MAN`S TOY the boy's toys, referred to as the male play.
Each man has a section about toys childhood memories, such as a slingshot, wooden sword or homemade gun.... in adulthood, we still like toys, in fact, fishing is our best toy.
MAN`S TOY Konecranes registered trademark; we will this series positioning for snake fish pole, it contains all kinds of snakehead fish and catfish fishing rod etc..
The rod body is strong, strong series, in the face of some of the larger individual snakehead, catfish are easy to deal with.
This series according to the five elements China, will develop the gold, wood, water, fire, soil and other different price and grade.
Titanium as the top preparation, high modulus and 4 axis of carbon fiber, titanium alloy guide hole, the 5A level of cork, the pursuit of light weight top is the preferred level have a fever.
Thus, ice, fire two days in Shenmu, meet the needs of different fishing friends.
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