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Introduced the GALAXY Galaxy series:
Xinghe - this series for the company for the entry-level home market and launched special practice pole, entirely suitable for the first attempt road sub Diaofa novice users and traditional fishing turn road sub Diaofa fishing fishing friends, we can really enjoy the benefits and value of service.
A series of standards, the use of South Korean imports of SK modulus of carbon fiber, the use of advanced processing technology, the rod body roll forming with high pressure plate; window stress region by reverse fiber strengthening design, easy to face the water amphitropous giant attacks and challenges.
Two, front rod embryo using free polishing, painting free processing technology, make the material is designed to keep the tonality of the most primitive, carbon filament from damage, tonality and more accurate, the stronger, feel more sensitive.
Three, the pole carrying the SEA GUIDE production of wire ring and high quality wheel seat, high hardness EVA handle, laser engraving metal tail, through the design of professional designers, the pole tonality is accurate, practical, value for money.
Four, the use of security metal sign pole exquisite design unique, high quality 420D red bag packaging, is the entry-level fishing the best choice.
Five, perfect after sale service, fishing friends worry about.
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