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The MASTER series plays an important role within the CRONY families of products.  With models suitable for both fresh water and salt water fishing enthusiasts, the Master Series was developed through more than six years of actual testing, technology innovation and new design approaches.  Starting with the MASTER series,  Crony has achieved two new design innovations and breakthrough to bring to customers the MASTER Ⅱ and MASTER COLLECTION series.
MASTER COLLECTION is one of Crony’s latest registered trademark and series.  Based on the requirements for lightweight, strength, control and sensitivity,  MASTER COLLECTION was created using the best possible material and design, coupled with actual testing worldwide.   In China Fish February 2014, MASTER COLLECTION successfully won “The Best Product” among many competitors and in the same year, received the highest honour by the Chinese Foreign Ministry by selecting it as a National Gift for the Russian president Mr. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.
MASTER COLLECTION are selectively equipped with Fuji SIC and American REC guides. Both are among the best options in the markets.  Reel seat is made with 100% natural noble wood and combined with the best Portuguese cork for handle, the feel and sensation from MASTER COLLECTION makes it the top range within the Crony Family.
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