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  • Feb

    In February 2015,CRONY won "The Best Product Awards" of fishing rods for the 4th time at China Fish in Beijing. Meanwhile CRONY won "The Annual Most Popular Lure Brand Awards" for the 4th time successfully.



  • CRONY brand won “The Best Product Award’ in Fishing Rods Category and “The Annual Most Popular Lure Brand Award”again in the 24th China Fish. Up to now, CRONY brand has won “The Annual Most Popular Lure Brand Award”for the 3rd time.


  • May

    The lure rod made elaborately by CRONY was chosen by PRC Foreign Office and was presented to Russian President Mr. Putin. It is the first time that Chinese own brand has been chosen as national gift to present to foreign president since the founding of new China.


  • Aug

    CRONY brand under contract fishing angler won the general champion in Italy national bass competition.


  • 31, Oct

    CRONY brand became national gift formally, was chosen and put in Foreign Supply Office (National Gift Showing Hall) of foreign countries Foreign Office of PRC.


  • 27, Nov

    CRONY brand became gift supplier appointed officially in “The 4th Culture Summit Forum between China and Europe in 2014”



  • CRONY brand was elected as gift appointed officially and presented to foreign honored guests by fishing tackle manufacturing base(Weihai) for three consecutive years.



  • Feb

    CROSS series newly developed by CRONY was elected as ”The Best Product of National Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Industry of 2012”


  • Feb

    CRONY brand won “The Annual Most Popular Lure Brand Award” again.



  • CRONY brand lure rod won”The best Product in Fishing Rod Category” again on the 22nd Chinese International Fishing Tackle Exhibition.


  • CRONY brand won ”The Annual Most Popular Lure Rod Brand Award” and “Annual Lure Brand Award” in Langfang International Conference Center.


  • Dec

    CRONY Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd was elected as Vice-Chairman company of Weihai Chamber of Commerce members.



  • CRONY Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd sponsored the whole American “FLW Outdoor Fishing Grand Prix”together with Hunan province TV from2011 to 2012.



  • CRONY became the first lure rod brand member of EFTTA relying on high quality, beautiful design and favorable reputation in 2011.



  • CRONY brand attended for the first time and won”The Best Product Award” in Fishing Rod Category which elected by expert judges from more than 80 countries and areas on the 20th Chinese International Fishing Tackle Exhibition..



  • Two like- minded brothers created CRONY Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd and registered CRONY logo in 38 countries all over the world.



  • CRONY brand dream was born.


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